I recently came across this feel good article and I was reminded of my own Golden Retriever as a little boy many years ago. Her name was Bulog (I know weird name, right?). I really did have fond memories of her and the feelings came back after reading this post so I thought I’d share it here as it may make some of you reminisce about your furry friends. But who would have thought of hiring one to help dental patients relax, (this sure beats having an aquarium in the office). Visiting the dentist would never make anyone’s top 10 most favorite thing to do, but having Jojo by your side sure would make me want to look forward to coming to see my dentist. Don’t you wish your dentist had a dog mascot too?

golden retriever with dental patient

by Julija Televičiūtė – from Bored Panda

Dentist appointments are definitely the ones to look forward to. If you’re a masochist. However, seeing a dentist at Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, Illinois is actually pleasant because they have the best assistant ever – Jojo, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever. Jojo is a trained comfort dog and she helps to reduce the stress during the appointments.

“A lot of the time, those patients would need nitrous oxide or other sedative to help them relax,” clinic staffer Veronica Renteria told The Dodo. “But when JoJo comes in with them and sits in the chair, they’re comforted. They can just sit and pet her as they’re getting their teeth cleaned. She does a great job with them.

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